Bright Smile for Life - Unlimited Teeth Whitening

We are really excited to be able to introduce the Bright Smile for Life - Unlimited Teeth Whitening program. We take pride in the smiles that leave our office and now we are happy to be able to help you maintain it. We developed the Bright Smile for Life program for a patient just like you. A patient who takes the oral health seriously and needs a little incentive to keep up with the dental care. With Bright Smile for Life we will supply you with a professional in-home whitening kit that includes an oral appliance that is custom made to fit your teeth exactly along with 2 weeks supply of whitening product. A custom made appliance will ensure that the whitening solution is distributed evenly and retained on the surface of your teeth to achieve uniform and quick result. Then with every dental hygiene appointment your hygienist will re-supply you with 2 weeks supply of the whitening product FOREVER!!! We are really happy to be able to offer this program right now for a one time fee of $100. 

Bright Smile for Life is available right now and is open to all of our existing patients and new patients joining us. To maintain enrollment in the Bright Smile for Life program a patient must remain an active patient of our clinic. As long as you remain enrolled in the program you will not be charged any additional fees as long as you keep your whitening appliance. Should you happen to break your appliance don't worry, we will repair or replace it free of charge. Should you ever lose your appliance we will be happy to provide a replacement for a $50 fee per occurrence. 

Patient Referral Program

We have been proudly serving our Carleton University Community for over 15 years. Each day we strive to exceed your expectations and hope to provide you and your family the best dental care possible. You pay us the highest compliment when you refer a new patient to Alinea Dental Clinic. We would like to thank you for telling your friends and family about us and in appreciation for your referral we will provide you with a $50 credit to be used towards your future dental services at our office and the referred person will be able to participate in our Win the iPad mini this Spring promotion. All credits get applied automatically after at the first appointment of your referred patient.