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Dental Technology

At our Ottawa dental office, we use technology to help us provide patients with dental care that is right for them including digital X-rays and an oral cancer screening device. 

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Dental Technology, Ottawa Dentist

Technologies at Our Dental Clinic in Ottawa

At Alinea Dental, the technology we use helps to inform treatment planning and make your dental appointments run smoothly. Because we can display digital X-rays and scans on the monitors in our treatment rooms, we can show you any issues in your mouth and walk you through your treatment plan.

Our goal is to provide patients with dental care while making sure they are fully informed about their oral health. Dental technology helps us do that.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays use digital sensors instead of traditional photographic X-ray film. They produce highly detailed computer images of our patient's teeth and gums, as well as other oral structures and conditions, allowing your dentist to examine parts of the mouth that they can't see with the naked eye.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic X-rays allow your dentist to create a single image of your mouth. This image is a flat representation of the teeth, upper and lower jaws, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), and the nasal and sinus structures. Panoramic X-rays often help plan treatments for dentures, braces, extractions and implants.

Oral Cancer Screening Device

An oral cancer screening device helps identify issues and diseases in the mouth, such as cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions. Using fluorescence visualization technology, it can be performed in your dentist’s office during exams and under normal lighting conditions in two minutes. 

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